Brain Injury Wellness and Clubhouse

Brain Injury Wellness and Clubhouse

Get The Facts

Each year more than 1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury, including concussions. Not only does brain injury affect the brain, it makes physiological changes throughout the body. We know from recent research that following a brain injury, the body heals and continues to make changes over the next several months and even years. An opportunity for survivors of brain injury to continue their recovery and maintain their current level of function is with weekly exercise at the Brooks Brain Injury Wellness Program and the Brooks Clubhouse.

Brain Injury Wellness

Brooks Rehabilitation is proud to offer a brain injury wellness program in partnership with the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast. Through this partnership we are able to offer survivors of brain injury supervision, motivation, and support.

Getting Started

An order and a medical release from the physician are needed to get started. Then the patient needs to call Brooks Rehabilitation to set up an appointment for an evaluation by an outpatient therapist to create an individual exercise plan call (904) 345-7277 or (888) 323-8005.

After the initial assessment at either the Brooks Health Care Plaza or St. Augustine Outpatient clinic the patient’s exercise plan will be completed with other survivors of brain injury under the guidance of exercise specialists at one of the participating YMCA facilities.

Program Times & Locations: 

MWF 12 – 1pm
St. Augustine Family YMCA
500 Pope Road St. Augustine, FL 32080

TTh 1pm-4pm
Brooks Family YMCA
10423 Centurion Pkwy N.
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

For more information, please call (904) 345-7314 or visit our website:


Brooks Clubhouse

The Brooks Clubhouse helps individuals regain social, physical, cognitive and vocational abilities. Not only do members participate in activities, but they have the opportunity to manage Clubhouse operations, helping them reestablish themselves in the community and return to work. Working side-by-side with professional staff, members run every aspect of the Clubhouse, including administration, research, orientation, hiring, training and evaluation of staff, public relations and advocacy. It’s an important way to help them reintegrate into the community and get back to their pre-injury lives.

What is the Clubhouse?

Brooks Clubhouse is a full-time day program that provides for the long-term recovery needs of individuals who have suffered from an acquired neurological injury. It expands the continuum of care provided by Brooks Rehabilitation and serves as a bridge to community and vocational re-integration. Brooks is pleased to offer the only clubhouse program for people with an acquired brain injury in the state of Florida. The program follows the guidelines established by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD).

Location of the Clubhouse

The Brooks Clubhouse is located conveniently near the intersection of Beach Blvd. and St. Johns Bluff. The address in 3197 Cortez Rd., Jacksonville, Florida 32246.


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