Stan Harris Takes Flight

Stan Harris Gliding

Brooks Adaptive Sports participant and middle school teacher, Stan Harris recently flew to new heights, thanks to the North Florida Soaring Society. Harris was given the opportunity to fly in a super Blanik L 23 two-seater glider, an experience he enthusiastically called a thrilling ride. Harris rode with pilot Jeff Buckholz, the current president of the soaring club. 

“My favorite part was when Jeff let me have the controls!”, said Harris, about the 30-minute flight.

Harris learned a lot during his time in the air.

“I was interested to learn that what most people call air turbulence is exactly what the glider pilots look for to help them stay up in the air longer. Instead of turbulence, they call it a thermal, which is rising warm air,” he explained.

Stan Harris Goes Gliding


To learn more about the North Florida Soaring Society, visit their website.

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