Fort Caroline Archery Club Is Right On Target

Brooks Adaptive Archery Program

With the new archery season kicking off once again, the staff and participants of Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation (BASR) program continue to be extremely grateful to the Fort Caroline Archery Club for their generous support over the past 8 years. The Club has donated space, coaching, volunteer service and equipment since 2007. 

Participants of BASR practice target archery, the most common form of archery where the shooter shoots at scoring rings on round paper targets at set distances.  There are various disiplines and distances to shoot from which allows archers of all skill levels to participate.

Each Monday evening, volunteer coaches Mike Shea and Billy Schneider provide expert instruction while shop owner, Mike Box, provides custom fitting of the equipment to leverage the archers’ skill. It is this generosity that has enabled our Program to quadruple the number of individuals served in the adaptive archery weekly events.

The BASR Archery Events meet on a rotating novice and league night schedule every Monday. Email for any additional questions.

Brooks Archery Program 2014The BASR program serves individuals in the Jacksonville community and surrounding areas living with mobility impairment caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and conditions such as parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and more.

Without the Fort Caroline Archery Club as a community partner, the BASR program would not be able to reconnect so many people with their love for  the sport of archery and ignite the passion in so many newcomers . The staff, participants and volunteers thank the Fort Caroline Archery Club for helping us enhance the quality of life for our customers.

Brooks Archery Program 2014

To learn more about the Fort Caroline Archery Club, visit

11678 Fort Caroline Road 
Jacksonville, FL. 32225
Pro Shop: (904) 996-0011

Read More about Adaptive Archery in this great article by Disabled Sports USA:

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