Adaptive Sports and Recreation Bus

Need a Ride? We want to help!

Has lack of transportation kept you from trying out Brooks Adaptive Sports & Recreation?

Brooks Adaptive Sports & Recreation is now providing FREE limited transportation for participants to and from our weekly events, Monday – Saturday*.

We will pick up and deliver participants from the most convenient pickup and drop off locations, i.e. their homes and therapy locations.

To Make Reservations

Requests may be made by emailing or by calling 904.345.7314 with answers to the following:

  • Name:
  • I use a wheelchair: Yes or No
  • I will bring a caregiver: Yes or No
  • Activity I want to attend:
  • Pickup Address:
  • Return Address:
  • Home Address (if different from pickup):
  • Phone Contact:

*Subject to calendar of events

There are deadlines to making reservations for the bus:

***Reservations for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday events must be made by 9:00AM Monday morning.
***Reservations for Thursday, Friday and Saturday events must be made by 9:00AM Wednesday morning.

We will accommodate as many participants as possible, with priority going to first time participants.

You will receive an email or phone call to confirm that you are a scheduled rider.


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