Sponsored Athletes

Brooks Barracudas  –  Power Soccer

Brooks Power Soccer

This is an exciting sport played on a basketball court with power wheelchairs equipped with front guards to strategically maneuver an over-sized ball down the court. Athletes must be able to own or independently control their own power wheelchair. Any individual with a mobility impairment may play this sport.

Brooks Bandits  –  Quad Wheelchair Rugby

Brooks Bandits 2014

This is a full contact sport played on a basketball court with a volleyball and a custom fit wheelchair designed to take the heavy hitting inherent in this sport.  It is a game with complex offensive and defensive strategies . . . and is highly addictive!  A player must have a disability affecting all 4 limbs.

United States Quad Rugby Association

Wheelchair Basketball – Brooks Ballers

Wheelchair Basketball

This is a sport played on a regular basketball court with custom wheelchairs.  The rules for this sport remain the same with a few changes.  An individual with mobility impairment is eligible to participate in this sport.

National Wheelchair Basketball Association


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