This program would not exist without the help of our volunteers. A big thank you from our team to all those who lend a hand.

If you are interested in finding out how to give back to your community in a powerful and fun way by volunteering for the Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation program, contact us today.

Click the “Volunteer” button below, which will take you to the Sign Up Genius page.  On the left side of the page, you can search for opportunities using the email brooks.adaptivesports@brooksrehab.org.

Volunteer Green


For additional information, please contact Suzy Blalock at
@brooksrehab.org or call 904.345.7314


8 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Amie Hice

    Hello I am co-chair of a volunteer group. We are wanting to know if you have any weekend group volunteer opportunities?

    Thank You

  2. Luis Ramos

    Good Evening!

    I was wanting to get some information on the surfing program you guys do, and maybe any of the other sports programs so I can volunteer whenever I have free time.

    Could you send me links or informations on where I can sign up? I have the information for Power Soccer but nothing else at the moment. The email provided on this site (Jennifer Guss) was giving me error messages.


  3. Luis Miguel Trejo

    Good morning. I would like to learn about volunteering opportunities during the summer for a high school student. I sent an email to Jennifer.Guss@brooksrehab.org but I received a delivery error message. I would greatly appreciate if you could reach me at email address I have entered below.


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